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Established in 1994, the Pomona Arts Colony is a historic neighborhood dedicated to the creative arts, creative commerce, education and urban living. Our mission is to make the arts inclusive and accessible, grow art venues and organizations, nurture art-friendly businesses, and celebrate emergent and established artists.

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The Packing House is located in Claremont Village, a downtown neighborhood with more than 50 boutiques, 40 eateries and cafes, a dozen art galleries and special events all year round. The Claremont Packing House is the largest historic building in Claremont Village and one of its landmark attractions.

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Vail Headquarters has been the heart of Temecula since 1867. It is now a living historic park and a destination for specialty restaurants, boutique stores, and special events.Vail Headquarters is a place that brings the community together, introduces visitors to our local heritage, and welcomes everybody to enjoy the best of today’s Temecula.


The Cookhouse was the hub of the wheel, the center of the enterprise, the heart of the operation. From here, cowboys rose to see the pink of dawn and rested while a scarlet dusk painted the sky. It was home. Strong coffee, beef, potatoes and pie sat on the long table. It was where they worked and where their labors were rewarded at the end of the day.

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The historic Mutual Orange Company Packing House will soon become Redlands' central marketplace for local food culture. Rebranded as the Redlands Public Market, it will serve as the retail and educational hub for the local food economy that will fill the needs of both food tourists and foodies who live nearby.


Riverside Food Lab is a communal food hall featuring 14 artisanal eateries and bars -  a culinary showcase that connects Riverside's agricultural roots with the latest trends in foodie culture. Established restaurateurs and food entrepreneurs share a state-of-the-art communal space that celebrates the impressive range of Riverside's diverse cuisines.

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