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In regard to the Covid-19 concerns, Arteco Management is taking all necessary precautionary measures to keep our employees and tenants safe during the current health issue.  Cleaning and Sanitizing practices are always a top priority and we are taking extra preventative actions where available. We ask that Tenants please avoid visiting our offices unless absolutely needed.  Please make payments directly online, by mail or at the drop off box at our office. 


If requesting service, please do so over the phone and disclose if anyone within your unit is sick.


In order to practice social distance, we will only be responding to emergency service request i.e. plumbing problems, gas problems, leaks. If you have a request that is not an emergency, you can still report it but it will not be serviced until further notice. 

IMPORTANT: Self-Help Maintenance

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Locked Out

During business hours, please call the office (909) 623-0535

After hours and weekend call locksmith Dan’s Key at (909) 208-0435  

Re-key and/or lock replacement.  Direct payment is required. 


No Power

Electrical outlets or switches - reset the breaker 

Outage first check Edison website:  

Contact our office: (909) 242-7886

Toilet Stoppage
Use a plunger to gradually pump the blockage.


No Hot Water
Reset the hot water heater breaker and allow the system to heat up for 15 minutes.


Check HVAC breaker 

Thermostat set at 70-75 °F - no lower the 68 °F.     

Replace thermostat (x2) AA batteries and reset 

Replace the HVAC filter (air handler not blocked)   

Gas Odor
First call the Gas Company Emergency Line at 1(800) 427-2200

Second contact our office - day (909) 242-7886, night (909) 398-0218
Lighting not working - replace the light bulbs 

Smoke detector beeping - replace the batteries

Broken Glass - call vendor Hernan’s Glass at (626) 824-2082 Direct payment is required.

Emergencies (such as a broken water pipe) - (909) 398-0218

Health Emergency - 911


DPOA Security

Non-emergency security problems -  24/7 security hotline (888) 720-0007

After-hours security escort to cars -  24/7 security hotline  (888) 720-0007

Pomona Police Department - Non-Emergency Phone number (909) 622-1241

DPOA Maintenance

Public trash can cleanup DPOA Maintenance Department (909) 843-0508

Graffiti abatement  DPOA Maintenance Department (909) 843-0508

Graffiti Film Estimates and Installation (909) 843-0508

Still need assistance from our Maintenance team? Please click below to fill out the maintenance form

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